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Ciprofloxacin research at Regimedpharmacy

Skip to main contentDrugs.comSearch Drugs.comSite navigationTreatments Bladder Infection CiprofloxacinAccountSign InCreate an accountDrugs A-ZPill IdentifierInteractions CheckerNews & AlertsPro EditionSitemap Ciprofloxacin Generic name: ciprofloxacin (oral) (SIP roe FLOX a sin)Brand names: Cipro, Proquin XR Medically reviewed by Kaci Durbin, MD. Last updated on Sep 30, 2021. UsesWarningsDosageWhat to avoidSide effectsInteractionsFAQWhat is ciprofloxacin?Ciprofloxacin is a fluoroquinolone (flor-o-KWIN-o-lone) antibiotic,Continue reading “Ciprofloxacin research at Regimedpharmacy”


Stay Strong and Be the Light!

Thoughts ricochetlike speeding bulletsstraight to my heart,bouncing off bonefrom my headto my toes. A warWaged myself today.A conversation is needed.Stay present,just breathe.Thoughts repeatedover and over manifest reality.An attach on you,is an attack on me. I toss and turnwith vulturestaking over my brain. Sleepless nightsbecome a battle ground.Nightmareshave become my Ukraine. I awake in cold sweat,greetedContinue reading “Stay Strong and Be the Light!”

First aid for fractures

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash Fractures are classified as complete and incomplete by the completeness of bone rupture, with and without displacement in the position of the fragments in relation to each other, open and closed by the presence of skin damage. There are certain signs that may indicate the presence of a fracture.Continue reading “First aid for fractures”

Antibiotic Resistance Accelerates

Even before the pandemic there were health care worries. Resistance to antibiotics was rising as the contagions gained immunities. Part of the problem was simple evolution, though heightened by misuse of the treatments. “…in 2019, about 1.27 million people died directly due to antimicrobial resistance…” – Global Research on Antimicrobial Resistance (GRAM) project For comparison,Continue reading “Antibiotic Resistance Accelerates”

10 Small Changes That Will Have A Huge Impact On Your mgf injection uses

Novi proizvodi u ponudi Its credibility in giving you back the motherly feeling is testament from the testimonies of women across the globe who got back to ovulation leading to pregnancy after using this drug, thus making their way into the bliss of motherhood. What is in this leaflet. Peliosis Hepatis is a condition inContinue reading “10 Small Changes That Will Have A Huge Impact On Your mgf injection uses”

Gonorrhea infection: CDC’s 2020 guideline of treatment

Soarawee Weerasopone, MD Minimally Invasive Uro-OncologistRoyal Phnom Penh hospital, Kingdom of Cambodia Free Urologic consultation via WhatsApp It is very compromised as we are a doctor that should have keep ourselves an up to date for medical practicing, especially when dealing with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) infection, because all these microorganisms are continuously evolving againstContinue reading “Gonorrhea infection: CDC’s 2020 guideline of treatment”


Amoxicillin Brands Amoxil, trimox. Formulations & Strength Capsules: 250mg, 500mg Tablets: 500mg, 875mg Tablets (chewable): 125mg, 250mg Oral suspension: 125mg/mL, 200mg/mL, 250mg/5mL, 400mg/5mL Mechanism of action Amoxicillin acts on susceptible bacteria during multiplication stage by inhibiting cell wall synthesis. Indications & Dosage Amoxicillin is used in the treatment of various types of bacterial infections TreatmentContinue reading “Amoxicillin”

These Are the Drugs America Is Running Short On

It has been a long time since Americans have faced significant numbers of shortages in the goods they normally buy. As Thanksgiving approaches, it is clear that some foods traditionally used for the holiday either are not available or are in low supply that has driven their prices much higher than they were last year.Continue reading “These Are the Drugs America Is Running Short On”